Scientific Team at TransDerm
Roger L. Kaspar, Ph.D, is the CEO and scientific founder of TransDerm, a company focused on developing novel therapeutics, including inhibitors based on RNA interference (RNAi) technology, for skin disorders.  Dr. Kaspar received his doctorate from the University of Washington (Seattle) in biochemistry (David Morris) and performed post-doctoral work at M.I.T. (Lee Gehrke), Stanford University (Helen Blau), and Chiba University (Tomohito Kakegawa).  After serving on the faculty at Brigham Young University (Utah) in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, he left academia to work at SomaGenics, prior to founding TransDerm.  Drawing on his expertise in the area of post-transcriptional gene regulation, his current efforts are focused on designing highly potent and selective therapeutic siRNAs that target disease-causing genes in skin disorders, including pachyonychia congenita, and investigating methods to efficiently deliver agents such as siRNAs to appropriate skin cells. 
Tycho J. Speaker, Ph.D., works with TransDerm to develop and improve topical skin delivery systems for RNAi and other functional macromolecules. Dr. Speaker received a doctorate from the University of California (Santa Cruz) in physical chemistry (Roger Anderson). After several lectureship positions, Dr. Speaker held a variety of senior engineering positions in semiconductor manufacturing subsidiaries of Applied Materials (Applied Komatsu Technologies) and a Xerox PARC affiliate, dpiX, LLC, prior to founding his R&D formulation company Capsulent. Dr. Speaker draws on a diverse background encompassing physical pharmacy, formulation chemistry, and large-scale manufacturing in his work at TransDerm, in developing real-world, manufacturable delivery systems for active molecules.