Dissolvable Microneedle Arrays

TransDerm has developed a proprietary Protrusion Array Device (PAD) which consists of a loadable ordered grid of needle-like microprotrusions formed from injection-safe soluble polymers. The patent-pending PAD technology facilitates delivery of functional macromolecule cargos to skin targets. After the sharp tips of a PAD penetrate the stratum corneum the polymer rapidly hydrates, and leaves the loaded needle tips in the epidermis after removal. The cargo (e.g. siRNA) is released in a controlled, time-release fashion, diffusing from the depots formed by the now hydrated polymer gel tips.

The PAD technology has been demonstrated useful in delivery of nucleic acid (plasmid DNA, siRNA, see Gonzalez et al., Molecular Therapy, 2010) cargos as well as in vaccine administration, resulting in a Gates Foundation Grand Challenge Exploration grant for malarial vaccine delivery.

Recent publications include: Silencing of Reporter Gene Expression in Skin Using siRNAs and Expression of Plasmid DNA Delivered by a Soluble Protrusion Array Device (PAD) E. Gonzalez-Gonzalez1, T. Speaker, R. Hickerson, R. Spitler, M.A. Flores, D. Leake, C. Contag and R. Kaspar, Molecular Therapy, v18(9), September 2010.